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Rishi Tea Pu-erh Vanilla, 1 Pound

Rishi Tea Pu-erh Vanilla, 1 Pound

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The cooling, alluringly sweet character of vanilla beans perfectly complements Pu-erh tea's cocoa-like sweetness and earthy richness. Premium grades of V. planifolia vanilla beans are blended with enticingly aromatic cassia cinnamon from Vietnam and hints of cooling organic peppermint for a truly decadent taste experience. Rishi Tea artisans blend Pu-erh Vanilla in micro-batches for a consistently rich, luxuriant flavor.

Tasting Notes: Decadent with sweet Saigon Cinnamon, creamy vanilla bean and notes of chocolate

Ingredients: Organic pu-erh tea, organic peppermint, organic cinnamon, organic vanilla bean, organic licorice root.

Additional Info: Pu-erh tea has an ancient past originating in Yunnan, China millennia ago. This rare, rich tasting tea is treasured as a healthful, energizing tonic. Its deep, smooth flavor is created through an artisanal pile fermentation process that transforms sun-dried green tea into ripened, full-bodied Pu-erh tea.

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