Rishi Tea Organic Pu-erh Bordeaux, 1 Pound


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This artistic blend honors the cultural parallels between Pu’er tea and Bordeaux wine–a pair of ancient libations steeped in tradition. Their very names derive from their geographic place of origin: Pu’er county in Yunnan Province, China and Bordeaux city in southwestern France. Whether tea or wine, connoisseurs seek gems that best express the nuances of terroir and vintage. Both Pu’er and Bordeaux benefit from the richening effect of aging, increasing in complexity as time passes on. Together, Pu’er tea and red wine grape skins of various Bordeaux varietals like Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Cabernet Franc create a smooth, supple cup with a refined structure and notes of cassis and lavender.
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  • Ingredients: Organic and Fair Trade Certified pu-erh tea, organic red wine grape skin, organic blackberries, organic raspberries, organic lavender flowers
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