“Nothing lasts forever, no one lives forever, the flower that fades and dies, winter passes and spring comes, embrace the cycle of life, that is the greatest love.
Beyond fear takes you into the place where fear grows, when you refuse to follow the impulses of fear, anger, and revenge.
Start every day singing like the birds – singing takes you beyond.
We all need a repeated discipline, a genuine training to let go our old habits of mind and to find and sustain a new way of seeing.
Prayer clears the head and brings back peace to the soul.
Sing – singing takes you beyond, beyond, beyond, beyond.
We are all the same, all the same, looking to find our way back to the source, to the ONE, to the only ONE.
The greatest moment in our lives is when we allow us to teach each other.
Sing – singing takes you beyond.
Take the Journey inside of you.
Tina Turner
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