Calm Breath – Calm Mind – Calm Heart

Holistic health is a concept upholding that all aspects of a person’s needs including psychological, physical and social should be taken into account and seen as a whole.  We believe that cultivating happiness is immensely beneficial for overall health and well-being.  Our goal is to start with breath by calming it.  When the breath is calmed, we then in unison calm the mind.  With a calm mind, we calm the heart.  This calming of the heart allows a very unique process to unfold: compassion.  Through the extension of compassion throughout one’s day we find remarkable energies are put in motion.  This loving action of compassion is healing to ourselves and others that we encounter.  We further this process through the sharing of herbal and plant based teas.
The Dali Lama expressed a meditation that resembles an example of the concepts:
Practice:  Exchanging Oneself with Others
“The practice of exchanging oneself with others should be followed by the practice of giving and taking (tonglen).  You begin by reflecting that all sentient beings desire happiness, they lack it, and that although they do not desire suffering, they undergo it.  You should therefore develop the unusual and extraordinary attitude of wishing that all their suffering ripen upon yourself.  Induced by the strong sense of compassion for others, visualize taking all their suffering upon yourself.  Then, induced by the strong wish of love, visualize giving away from the depths of your heart all your virtuous collections…..
…..join such practices with the breathing process—that is, imagining taking when inhaling and giving when exhaling—you will be able to engage in a powerful practice…..
The more altruism we develop in a day, the more peaceful we find ourselves.  Similarly, the more self-centered we remain the more frustrations and trouble we encounter.  These reflections lead us to conclude that a good heart and an altruistic motivation are indeed true sources of happiness…..”
-The Dali Lama
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